With Safety Our First Priority, Our Team Provides Expert Solutions for Sanitary Sewer and Stormwater Pipe Systems

Industrial process sewers require thorough cleaning on a scheduled basis to prevent overflows.  Gravity sewers are different from your high pressure plant piping and requires an expertise and equipment that most water blasting companies do not have.  For example, 10,000 PSI water blasting equipment can damage older gravity piping or any pipe which has been rehabilitated using CIPP lining.  Typically, pressure piping requires low volume water with high pressures.  Gravity piping requires lower pressures and high water volume strategically directed to remove chemical deposits and heavy debris.  This requires an experienced operator.

We offer solutions to critical issues involving sanity sewer and stormwater system failure, including manholes and catch basins buried under the foundation of industrial buildings and plants. We provide the latest trenchless (or “no-dig”) solutions to assess and repair systems without having to move big, expensive machinery or dig inside the building.

We also have the GPS technology to provide shape files or .kmz files suitable for upload into geographical information systems or Google Earth®, making asset management a much simpler task.

Our solutions include: