Our Pipeline Contractor Services Include Closed-Circuit (CCTV) Pipeline Inspections Used to Identify Problems, Define Solutions and Save You Money

A quality inspection can result in problem-solving and significant cost savings because:

  • The pipeline is cleaned to provide a clear survey
  • Current engineering standards are applied when inspecting defects

As our customer, you will receive a complete video and data package, which includes:

  • Complete MPEG video and data package of entire inspection (click to view sample video)
  • CCTV logs showing lines with any defect, their severity and location with the pipe segment
  • A Defect Rating Report, summarizing defects within the entire surveyed area by their severity
  • As-built maps, as needed
  • Rehab and/or replacement recommendation from a stormwater or wastewater professional


We provide you with a coded video report and rating scale of issues so you can determine what issues you want us to solve first.

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