Our Pipeline Company Works with HOAs to Provide “No-Dig” Trenchless Surveys, Pipeline Consulting and Rehabilitation

Home owner and community association boards have a fiduciary responsibility to their members regarding oversight, maintenance and repair of all grounds and facilities. It’s important to have a clear, even mapped, understanding as to where each pipe runs underground throughout the development. Rest assured, as a leader in “no-dig” trenchless technology, we are expert in surveying all sanitary sewer and stormwater pipes, utilizing advanced underground video so we can properly clean and repair storm drain and sewer pipes.

Sink holes and corrugated pipes must be checked

We are prepared to address the ever more prevalent sinkhole issues in the South. Small holes in sewer and stormwater pipe allows the flow to escape or “ex-filtrate”. These holes also allow soil to “infiltrate” the pipe. Soil erosion then creates voids which, over a relatively short time can cause significant sink holes or collapses. Depending on the above ground assets in the vicinity of the collapse, there could be significant if not catastrophic collateral damage. We strongly suggest that you:

  • Keep an inventory of your stormwater system as a common element or component
  •  Add it to your Reserve Study
  •  Follow a Recommended Maintenance Plan (Survey at intervals, throughout the Useful Life of the pipe)