Our Pipeline Contractor Services Include Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole rehabilitation is used as a trenchless technology when it has deteriorated due to sewer gases which are generated by sewage or in chemical plants due to the corrosiveness of the plant effluent, particularly in high or low PH environments.

Since there are a wide variety of applications, there are additionally multiple rehab methods as follows in order of cost from lowest to highest:

  • Cementitious products which are sprayed and hand applied. Non-H2S environments are usually addressed with standard concrete materials which have a high compressive strength which add structure to the existing manhole. In environments that have high concentrations of H2S, H2S resistant products are used.
  • Epoxy products are sprayed in environments usually over cementitious products. Epoxies add less structure than cementitious products but do offer H2S and chemical resistance.
  • Fiberglass inserts including corbels are installed by removing the corbel of the existing manhole by excavating and inserting the liner. The diameter of the finished product is slightly smaller than the existing manhole which allows the fiberglass liner to be installed.